How much does it cost to clean an apartment or house when tenants move out? Renters are always wondering how much the landlord will charge them for cleaning fees. It is important to know what your responsibilities as a tenant are before you sign a lease agreement. Landlords have the right to charge up to one month’s rent for cleaning costs, but this amount can be negotiated in some cases. Always remember that wear and tear on carpets or furniture could lead landlords to ask for more than just basic cleaning from renters who move out of their apartments on time.

This article will address end of tenancy cleaning costs as they apply to the end of a tenant’s lease.

Most landlords require tenants who terminate their leases early to clean and prepare their rental properties for new residents. This end-of-lease cleaning makes it possible for the landlord to rent out an empty apartment right away. Tenants who break their lease agreements without a legitimate reason are sometimes responsible for paying one month’s rent in addition to end-of-lease cleaning costs.

If you add up all the end of tenancy prices, including moving out fees, and divide this sum by twelve months, you can determine how much you will have to pay every month towards your move out costs when the time comes.

The average move-out cleaning costs $360. Hiring a professional for an apartment usually runs between $150 to $350, while doing it yourself typically costs around $100. The end of tenancy cleaning prices will vary depending on the size and condition of the apartment: the more time you spend cleaning your place, the cheaper it is going to be. If you end up choosing a professional company to do end of lease cleaning for you, remember that there are always deals online where you can get end of lease services at even lower rates.

Renters who live in apartments or condos with shared walls must take extra care before moving out because neighbors may complain about noisy activities such as vacuuming, running a mop across the floor etc.

A house of around 3,500 square feet will incur end of tenancy cleaning average costs of around $ 550, whereas an end of lease cleaning for a flat of around 1,700 square feet will cost about $ 250.

There are also end of lease cleaning quotes for houses that can run up to $ 800 or more, depending on the size. For example, end of lease cleaning charges for a 6-bedroom house may vary from $ 750 to over $ 2,000 (!) per property. You better believe it is worth checking end of tenancy cleaning prices before you accept any offer!

Move Out Cleaning Service Cost

Additional move out cleaning services add an average of $ 150 to end of tenancy cleaning costs. For example, if the end of tenancy clean is quoted at $ 500, you can add another $ 150 for deodorizing and sanitizing of surfaces plus carpet cleaning.

“The end of tenancy cleaning cost will also depend on how much furniture and other items you are moving out,” says Mina Brody, an end of lease cleaning specialist from Sil All Services – a company that specializes in end of lease cleaning both for landlords as well as tenants. “More furniture equals more time required to get everything cleaned to perfection.”

Check end of tenancy cleaners prices carefully, and work with licensed providers. The end of tenancy cleaning service cost depends not only on the property size but also on whether it is done by a company that is licensed and insured.

“Most reputable end of tenancy cleaning companies will always work with you to get the best end of lease cleaning price possible,” says Brody. “Saving a few dollars here and there on end of lease services is always welcome but it’s not worth risking your health and property over small amounts.”

Brody recommends doing research online before deciding which end of tenancy cleaners company to hire based on their end of lease cost , and also asking for references from people who have used them in the past if necessary. She also suggests looking for special offers going on at any given time as this may help save some money when it comes to end of tenancy cleaning prices.

DIY Move Out Cleaning vs. Hiring a Cleaning Service

A lot of people handle move out cleaning on their own because they don’t want to end up paying end of tenancy cleaning costs which can add up depending on the items you need to get cleaned.

“If you’re the type who has a panic attack at the mere mention of end of lease cleaning then it may be better to just find a end of tenancy cleaners company ,” said Brody. “However, if all that worries you is having to pay end of move out cleaning costs that are more than what you’re willing spend then I would say go for it.”

Hiring a professional service is not only helpful, it could also legally protect you.

“It’s best to use end of tenancy cleaning services in order to get your deposit back,” said Brody. “People tend to forget that end of lease cleaning is a proper requirement for the tenant’s end and not just there to make more money for the landlord.”

The end of tenancy cleaners industry tends to be ignored because move out cleaning costs are lower than moving in costs, however if we consider the price versus time factor then it makes sense that homeowners hire end of move out cleaner service providers once they start their search for end of tenancy cleanings contractors .

“Moving in is also more stressful than moving out,” said Brody.

What are average move in cleaning prices?

If you bought a house as-is and the sellers didn’t clean whatsoever, you can expect to pay about $450 to have a cleaning crew clean the place before you call it home.

The end of tenancy cleaning costs are not nearly as high – in fact, they’re usually lower than moving out cleaning costs . But end of lease cleans vary dramatically from state to state and city to city, depending on just how dirty your landlord or letting agent wants the property for their next tenant.

“If your landlords or agents want you out fast but don’t want it to cost them much then an end of tenancy service may be all they are prepared to pay,” says Brody.

“They can find end of lease cleaners by searching online which is better than having a bad reference from someone who has used them.”

How long does it take to clean a house professionally?

It depends on the size of the crews. Most of the time, the end of lease cleaning crews consist of three men. One man cleans the bathroom, one cleans the kitchen and another cleans the rest of the house.

The end of tenancy cost includes: Three hours on Saturday for prep and two hours on Sunday to finish off and hang out washing etc. Professional crews provide all their own equipment so there is no mess left behind after cleaning. You can find end of lease cleaners by searching online which is better than having a bad reference from someone who has used them before.

“The end of lease clean we do takes about six hours,” says Brody, “but we have more staff than most in order to avoid any last minute rush.”